Largest places in Niger

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Largest places in Niger
Niamey Niamey1.Niamey Niamey774,235
Zinder Zinder2.Zinder Zinder191,424
Maradi Maradi3.Maradi Maradi163,487
Agadez Agadez4.Agadez Agadez124,324
Alaghsas Alaghsas5.Agadez Agadez88,561
Tahoua Tahoua6.Tahoua Tahoua80,425
Dosso Dosso7.Dosso Dosso49,750
Birni N Konni Birni N Konni8.Tahoua Tahoua48,103
Tessaoua Tessaoua9.Maradi Maradi35,775
Gaya Gaya10.Dosso Dosso33,051
Dogondoutchi Dogondoutchi11.Dosso Dosso31,767
Diffa Diffa12.Diffa Diffa27,948
Ayorou Ayorou13.Tillaberi Tillabéri26,290
Madaoua Madaoua14.Tahoua Tahoua24,804
Mayahi Mayahi15.Maradi Maradi22,183
Tera Téra16.Tillaberi Tillabéri21,095
Mirriah Mirriah17.Zinder Zinder20,724
Tibiri Tibiri18.Maradi Maradi20,019
Dakoro Dakoro19.Maradi Maradi19,798
Magaria Magaria20.Zinder Zinder19,419
Tillaberi Tillabéri21.Tillaberi Tillabéri19,262
Nguigmi Nguigmi22.Diffa Diffa17,897
Matamey Matamey23.Zinder Zinder16,844
Illela Illéla24.Tahoua Tahoua16,678
Tanout Tanout25.Zinder Zinder15,204
Goure Gouré26.Zinder Zinder14,639
Abalak Abalak27.Tahoua Tahoua13,555
Aguie Aguié28.Maradi Maradi13,152
Filingue Filingué29.Tillaberi Tillabéri11,677
Maine Soroa Maïné Soroa30.Diffa Diffa10,699
Say Say31.Tillaberi Tillabéri10,387
Kollo Kollo32.Tillaberi Tillabéri10,376
Madarounfa Madarounfa33.Maradi Maradi9,791
Keita Keïta34.Tahoua Tahoua8,960
Tchintabaraden Tchintabaraden35.Tahoua Tahoua8,851
Ouallam Ouallam36.Tillaberi Tillabéri7,500
Bouza Bouza37.Tahoua Tahoua7,141
Bilma Bilma38.Agadez Agadez2,291

1 - 38 of 38 places

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